Pixel & Resolution: DPI refers to dots per inch and is a measure of the physical world but in digital, we refer to resolution by PPI, pixels per inch.

Use the calculator to input your pixel dimensions to see possible image sizes. The framing chart shows readily available framing options. Choosing a standard sized frame can increase your print sales, but we are happy to print at any size.

Aspect Ratio & Sizing

Aspect Ratio: This measures the relationship between the width and height of a print. A 12x16 can easily become a 18x24 but it won't do 16x20.

Use the aspect ratio calculator above or the chart to determine the dimensions of your image size. Keep in mind as you calculate the image size the finished paper size could include a border, if you chose, which could also affect the aspect ratio.

We are happy to discuss this more when you place your order.

*Standard frame sizes