Let's Talk About Paper

Given that paper was invented almost 2000 years ago, this topic is worthy of dissertations. To be true Archival Pigment Prints, aka giclée, they must be printed on archival, acid-free paper. This paper has been coated in an inkjet receptive coating in order for the ink to adhere to the paper (most other types of printing do not require coated papers). This type of paper can be made out of renewable cotton (Cotton Rag) or wood (Cellulose) and is always some degree of white or natural color. Pigment ink is translucent and there is no white ink available, so the white point of the image comes from the paper. 

Inkjet receptive paper comes in many styles and weights.  Paper weight is measured in grams per square inch (GSM) which denotes how thick it is. Entrada smooth cotton rag (290gsm) is what the majority of our clients prefer but there are other options. We have a rougher cold press (textured) paper, similar to watercolor paper, called Canson Aquarelle (310gsm). A less expensive paper option is Lasal Photo Matte (230gsm), which has a thin, crisp and smooth texture akin to a classic poster paper. We also carry a variety of specialized papers including pearlescent paper and semi-gloss photo papers. We also print on canvas, which can be either unstretched or stretched and ready to hang.