Brian Viveros "Afterdeath" Interview

Brian Viveros "Afterdeath" Interview

In anticipation of our print release of "Afterdeath" by Brian Viveros, we sat down with the man himself in order to discuss exhibiting internationally, what his art represents and most importantly of all; food.

Static Medium: This piece was a part of your Bulletproof series for the Moniker Art Fair with Thinkspace Gallery which debuted in London this past October. Was this your first time exhibiting in Europe? If you could show your work anywhere in the world, where would you choose? Does showing in a different country/culture affect your inspiration or what you decide to create?

Brian: This was my first time exhibiting a NEW full set & body of work in the UK. I actually started out showing in Europe in Switzerland doing a show with H.R.Giger and then went on to have my first solo in Switzerland in 2005. Man I sound so old now. >;-)

If I could show my work anywhere in the world hmmm, I think Dislandia, it's a very small dirty place hard to find, HA just kidding maybe not but really I'd like to show in Switzerland again where I had my first solo exhibition. Be nice to return and give some love back to where I started.

Yeah, sometimes it can. I may want to incorporate colors from that country or certain vibe but for the most part I try not to think to much about it and focus on giving a powerful body of work.

Static Medium: This exhibit featured several firsts for you including a double portrait, some larger full-bodied works, and "Afterdeath" in particular didn't include your signature cigarette or cigar. Was there a conscious decision from the beginning to create the piece without a cigarette, and does the exclusion of one symbolize anything in particular to you?

Brian: When I was creating AFTERDEATH I really was just focused on a softer tone color palette for my signature skull helmet wearing muerte queen. It’s really weird how that one came together the way it did. So soft and powerful that when I got to the mouth I felt like a smoke or cigar would be forced and she didn't seem to need it so ya go with it. I think sometimes there's more to tell without the smoke and it shows my growth as an artist; that it's still a Viveros piece even without the cigarette.

Static Medium: Speaking of exhibits, you have an exhibition coming up this November at Spoke Art Gallery NYC. Can you share any juicy details on what we can expect, or is all still under wraps?

Brian: Shhh If I tell you, I’d have to kill you HA! Still under wraps but it is the BIG Apple so have to go BIG!

Static Medium: Your pieces often feature strong juxtapositions and stronger women. Life and death depicted through blossoming flowers, skulls and war. Strength and beauty in the form of women overcoming injury and facing challenges head on. As their creator, can you tell us a bit about the women you paint?

Brian: My entire Dirtyland world is all about the POWER of WOMEN inspired by the positive depiction of women: their beauty, their strength, their power, their resilience; the Dirtyland is kind of an ass-kicking matriarchy! In my world, the women I create are never victims, they've been through it all, they're always the ones standing tall, standing VICTORIOUS!!

Static Medium: We saved the most important questions for last. I know you're passionate about your Mexican food. What's your go-to meal when you're ordering something to eat, and do you have any favorite spots in the Socal area?

Brian: Ah, I've been waiting for this one brutha>-) I keep it simple at first, I always start with the tacos. You can tell a lot about a mexican restaurant from their tacos. If the tacos are good then I order more food. I love me a good chile relleno and a carne asada burrito but what's most important is you have to have good hot sauce. It can be red or it can be green but it better be fuckin good! Nothing makes me more angry than a bad salsa or hot sauce to ruin your meal. I'm hoping to explore more mexican food joints in LA when I'm out that way with my homies from Static but in my old hood of Riverside I loved the carnitas tacos at Tios Tacos on Mission in Riverside. Homemade tortillas and the meat was incredible. Not to mention it's crazy outdoor museum type place you can explore and eat with giant dia de los meurtos skeletons on bikes and giant figures made of beer cans and bottles.

Stay Dirty Static Medium and thanks for another kick-ass print!

Static Medium: Thank you so much Brian! Also, a huge thanks to all of our readers and fans. "Afterdeath" will be available in our shop Saturday, April 21st at 10:00am PST.

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